Tips for Choosing Shoes

and Coping with the Physical Demands of your Job!

What to Look for in a Nursing Shoe

There are several factors that can determine the best type of nursing shoe for you to wear. It is important to consider these factors before making your purchase. These include:

For many nurses today, 12-hour shifts are the norm. That can mean racking up from three to five miles per shift on hard hospital floors. To combat all that wear and tear on your feet, a comfortable pair of shoes is just what the doctor ordered. Alegria offers a range of trend-driven looks from its Professional series built around a propriety comfort system that features a footbed designed with layers of soft polyurethane, renewable cork and memory foam, all molding to the natural contours of the foot. The footbeds are even removable, so you can add your own orthotics or replace with a fresh pair of Alegria footbeds sold separately. And, don’t forget about Alegria’s extra comfort details such as padding at the instep and heel quarter for a one-of-a-kind fit.

Tips for Walking & Standing

To keep your body pain-free, it is vital to not only choose the right the shoes but also to take proactive steps to ensure that long hours of walking won’t cause damage in the future. Here are some practical tips that will help you cope with the physical demands of your nursing career, divided into two categories: tips for choosing the best shoes, and tips for coping on the job.

Tips for Choosing the Best Shoes

Try on shoes you are interested in later in the day. This will ensure that you avoid any unpleasant surprises regarding fit. Over the course of each day, your feet grow and swell a little bit and, by the end of the day, they are at their largest.

If you are unsure whether you have high, low, or medium arches, perform a simple “wet test.” You simply wet one of your feet, place it on a heavy-duty sheet of paper, or piece of cardboard, and examine the footprint left behind. That footprint will help you determine which type of arches you have.

Leave about 1/4”-5/8” between the end of the shoe and your longest toe (which is sometimes the second to instead of the big one). Doing so will ensure that your shoes are properly sized to your feet.


Tips to Stay Comfortable

Pay attention to posture. If your posture is sub-optimal, then you will likely face soreness and back problems with or without a good pair of shoes. Alternate between sitting and standing for long periods of time. While your job may require you to stay on your feet for hours on end, if you have the opportunity to sit down for a brief time take it; this will temporarily relieve the stress on your body and allow overworked muscles from walking and/or standing to rest.

Breathe in deeply and exhale fully. Proper breathing tends to relieve lower back stiffness and promotes good posture during periods of standing.

Stretch. Stretching has several health benefits. It can relieve some of the built-up tension within your body, improve flexibility, improve blood flow to your muscles, and can even decrease tension headaches. Performing a quick shoulder roll now and again can help you reset yourself back to better posture.


Alegria by PG Lite® has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

Seal of Acceptance on select styles and footbeds. Over 35 years ago, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) established its Seal of Acceptance Program to inform both podiatric physicians and consumers about products whose quality, safety, and effectiveness allow for normal foot function and promote good foot health.

The APMA approval board, which is made up of ten podiatrists, wore select Alegria products for 30 days and tested for comfort, shock absorption and durability. As of 2019, Alegria by PG Lite® has been recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and has earned their Seal of Acceptance.

Choosing Shoes that Make You Happy!

Choosing comfortable, functional, and durable shoes can be a big win for your career as a nurse. Your body will feel better as you work; and if you are wearing cute and stylish shoes, then you’ll feel confident with each step, too.

Moreover, if you keep in mind and apply the practical tips mentioned above, then you’ll be able to successfully cope with long periods of walking and standing on the job.

Finding nursing shoes that are a perfect fit for your feet, occupation, and style may not be easy. But we’re here to help! As a leader in providing comfortable footwear for professionals, Alegria by PG Lite® is continually developing new and innovative styles that exude happiness. If you’d like to learn more about how our shoes can add to your daily happiness, visit our Contact Us page for more information.

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