Alegria Men's Schuster Choco Shoe

$ 139.95
SKU: AM-SCH-140-40

Men's comfort slip-on shoe featuring a genuine Black Tumbled leather.

  • Elastic at the instep allows for a secure fit.
  • Collapsible back for quick slip-on.
  • Lab rated slip resistant outsole and stain-proof leather coating.
  • Leather covered insole allows for your feet to naturally breathe, leaving them feeling fresh and dry.
  • Cork, memory foam and soft polyurethane footbed creating a “perfect fit” by forming to the natural contours of your foot.
  • Removable footbed (you can even insert your own orthotics!)
  • Outsole is engineered to reduce heel and central metatarsal pressure.
  • Hand sewn, leather lining, superior arch support, and plenty of room in the toe box.
  • Suitable for casual wear and also perfect for occupational fields for its ability to provide comfort and support.
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