Colette Opfully Sandal

$ 109.95

SKU: ALG-COL-608-41
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Traditional slide sandal with contrast strap colors in an Opfully colorway leather.

  • Adjustable buckle allowing for a custom fit.
  • Cork, memory foam and polyurethane footbed creating a 'perfect fit' by forming to the natural contours of your foot.
  • Removable footbed, fits our Classic footbed (you can even insert your own orthotics!)
  • Mild rocker outsole engineered to roll naturally to encourage proper posture.
  • Hand sewn, leather lining, and superior arch support.
  • Suitable for casual wear and everyday outings.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    YAY Collette!

    I LOVE the Collette❣️

    They fit my feet so we'll, and reduce stress to my back - they are the only shoe I have worn since 2015, if not before!

    Are you phasing out the Collette? They are almost impossible to find right now :(

    I hope they will be coming back, even better (although, I don't how they could be improved?!), or in a VERY SIMILAR style - your other styles just don't fit me the same way...

    YAY Collette❣️

    P.S. - any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

    Unfortunately the Colette style has been phased out of our current collections, however it is to make way for many new and exciting sandal styles each Spring/Summer season. Check back to see if there's new and updated styles similar to what you love in the Colette!

    chris popp
    Nice. But not for me.

    Love Alegria.
    And these were gorgeous..
    I just didn’t take into consideration that they didn’t have the adjustable straps by the toys.

    Marge Barnett

    Colette Opfully Sandal

    Contradina Allen
    Colette Opfully Sandal

    I do not like the color of the shoe I thought that the shoe was white but when I received it it was a tanish eggshellcolor.


    I love the Colette Style and have 7 pair in different colors. I cant find them this year. Please bring them back in Black, Navy and Red. They cured my Plantar Fasciitis. Great Style and Comfortable!

    Love this style

    Please bring this style back in new colors including Navy and Red. I own 6 pairs of the Colette. It fits my foot so well and very comfortable.

    Laura Feldhaus
    Colette style

    I am heart sick that this style seems to be disconnected. I own 4 pair in this style because it fits my feet so well. Still hoping that someday you will make it in red.