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Good Looks, Sadly Uncomfortable

Ive heard positive comments from other Alegria shoe wearers but for me this shoe is not comfortable...down right painful. My foot slides forward, thus crunching my toes. I have inserted cushions to prevent sliding, but it does not help. It is disappointing because the look is great for wearing to work and I get a little added height but not worth wearing at the expense of bruised toes!

Joyce Jean
Never disappointed

Always good quality

Evelyn Terrell
Eryn Anise Baby Tumble shoe

They don’t seem to have much cushioning in the ball of the foot area. My feet hurt after standing at work for 4 hours in one place.

candie knight

I love the shoes. I could barely walk due to heal spurs when I started wearing them. The doctor told me to get some shoes with good arch support. These are the best for this. Now I have no problem with heal spurs. I rarely wear anything else.

Layla Edmonds

Great shoes! I’m a server and on my feet for 10-12 hour shifts. These are the only shoes I buy for work. Best shoes ever!

Shawn Shanholtzer
Love them

I really love these shoes. They are so comfortable

Tammy B.
The best shoe I have ever worn to work!

I am a store manager, I live on my feet each day. I search all over looking for the shoe that I could spend 12 hours plus in each day. I use to love croc's when they had one in patricular five years ago but they quit making it, then I bought over 20 plus pairs of shoes and I even ended up at the doctors office because I hurt my feet trying to find the right shoe. Doctors tried to send me the right shoe but nothing, then one day I was out just looking around with my family shopping casually and I walked into this western wear store and did not think anything about me finding a shoe but I looked. I seen this one shoe that looked as if it might be comfortable, like it would breath and safe to wear at work. I tried it on and I thought at first when I slipped it on this feels good but I had thought this before, but i walked around and it felt good. This was a big investment 130.00 I talked with the salesman and he said they are worn by a lot of nurses. I have been told this before too. I bought them even with skepticism, came home proceeded to get ready for work ( had to close store that day) put shoes on and left for work. I was so surprised that as the night went on and approaching 10:30, some 9 hours later I had forgotten that I even had new shoes on and my feet did not hurt. Finally shoes I can wear even after I come home from work...Thank you Alegria

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