Leisurelee Natural Slipper

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SKU: ALG-LEI-7949-38
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The Leisurelee is Alegria's first slipper. Its cozy and comfy and perfect for wearing around your home. Featured in a Natural vegan shearling, it's soft and warm, ideal for keeping your feet comfortable while indoors.

  • Vegan shearling upper, lining and footbed
  • The footbed mimics the features and benefits of the classic footbed, with built in arch support.
  • Non-flexing Mild Rocker outsole is engineered to roll naturally. This encourages proper posture and a more natural walking motion.
  • Polyurethane outsole is light and durable, great for both hard and soft floor surfaces.
  • Design is aimed to reduce fatigue and stress on the legs and back, from hours of standing and walking.
  • Lightweight Cozy Comfort outsole
  • Heel height: 1.75"

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I've been waiting for these slippers, and my prayers were answered!

I had been wishing for the longest time that Alegria had slippers! My work shoes (Alegria Debra's) feel so, so good, but when I would get home after a 12 I would look for every excuse to get off my feet. It hurt my feet, legs, and back to stand too long in the kitchen, and I couldn't find slippers that actually gave legit support.

These slippers are the slippers you deserve to have. I finally feel the exact support that I love from my Alegria work shoes, but in a cozy slipper material. I feel like every step is cushioned, I feel a nice supportive platform for standing and cooking in the kitchen, and the sole has molded to my natural arch. I am so grateful to have these!

My only feedback would be that I would love to see a way to replace the sole once it has worn out, like other Alegria shoes. The slippers are so substantial and good quality that I would really hate to send them to a landfill at the end of their life, when it's only just the sole that needs replacing.


Leisurelee Natural Slipper

wanted to love these but....

I have at least 15 pairs of Alegria shoes between booties, sandals & clogs so I consider myself and extremely loyal customer. These slippers are extremely comfortable as long as you are sitting still & don't try and move, They have no adjustment or fit so they flop around like a paper towel in the wind when you walk. They desperately need a redesign with some sort of adjustment strap like on the sandals so they will stay on your feet. Until they fix this huge flaw I will not be buying another pair.

Shoes with Comfort and style.

Love the sandals and the cushie slippers. They
are warm and comfortable.
I can walk steps without tripping!


The slipper looks nice and has good arch support. However, its entirely lined with the same faux fur as the exterior, and it is extremely slippery. My feet could not stay in the shoe! When I put on a sock, that helped. As a RN, I've done years of safety assessments on my patients, including their shoes. This is one I'd definitely tell them to avoid. That being said, Algeria shoes are usually wonderful . I have several pair for work and they have saved my feet. Its just this shoe that needs redesigning.