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New Arrivals

The latest styles and colors added to our collections.  Fresh and exciting, shoes, boots and sandals that bring comfort through all generations.


Verona Basketry White Sandal | Alegria Shoes
Verona Basketry White Sandal
$ 120.00
16 colors
Victoriah Basketry White Sandal | Alegria Shoes
Victoriah Basketry White Sandal
$ 110.00
20 colors
Debra Keep Calm Shoe | Alegria Shoes
Debra Keep Calm Shoe
$ 130.00
28 colors
Seville Keep Calm Clog | Alegria Shoes
Seville Keep Calm Clog
$ 130.00
17 colors
Kavalry True White Shoe | Alegria Shoes
Kavalry True White Shoe
$ 130.00
2 colors
Ode White Gloss Sandal | Alegria Shoes
Ode White Gloss Sandal
$ 60.00
33 colors
Vallie Keep Calm Sandal | Alegria Shoes
Vallie Keep Calm Sandal
$ 120.00
5 colors