Alegria Women's Sandal Collection
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Sandal Collection

Our Sandal Collection incorporates the best features of our shoes, designed with the warmer months in mind. The foundation starts with the Classic Footbed, a specially-formulated layer of soft polyurethane, cork, and memory foam. With new vibrant leather uppers, hand-sewn construction, and superior fit, our sandals are perfect summer staples.



Mena Sea Foam sandal with adjustable closures on a mini cork wedge rocker outsole- MEN-7440_S1
Mena Sea Foam Sandal
$ 60.50 $ 120.00
4 colors
Beckie Green Acres Sandal | Alegria Shoes
Beckie Green Acres Sandal
$ 69.50 $ 120.00
5 colors
Vienna Coming Up Daisies Sandal with two adjustable hook and loop strap closures and ankle strap - VIE-7422_S1
Vienna Coming Up Daisies Sandal
$ 120.00
15 colors
Kerri Woven Wonder t-strap sandal on classic rocker outsole - KER-7519_S1
Kerri Woven Wonder Sandal
$ 69.50 $ 120.00
6 colors
Sierra Green Acres two-strap adjustable hook and loop sandal on a wood look wedge outsole - SIE-7531_S1
Sierra Green Acres Sandal
$ 69.50 $ 130.00
8 colors
Tia Pine adjustable strap slip on sandal with printed leather wrapped comfort block heel outsole- TIA-606_S1
Tia Pine Sandal
$ 54.50 $ 110.00
6 colors
Valerie Woven Wonder Sandal with adjustable laceup on mini outsole - VAL-7519_S1
Valerie Woven Wonder Sandal
$ 120.00
9 colors