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Love the Sparkle 💖

I have more than several styles and colors of Alegria shoes and I covet them all! Not only are they stylish and unbelievably comfortable but I always receive compliments every time I wear them and I’m always passing along info of where to purchase.

Elena Callen

Belle Work Pretty Shoe

Joyce Ensz

I love my shoes!

Happy Shoe-wearer
Great so far!

This is my first time buying Alegria shoes and Iʻm enjoying my purchase so far! When I first put them on, the toe did seem really square (I initially thought of Kingdom Hearts shoes) but they donʻt seem that large now. They are incredibly comfortable and I donʻt fear walking long distances or over uneven ground with them. I do use no show socks with them after noticing some uncomfortable friction on the upper part of my foot but I suspect thatʻll go away after a few more uses. Theyʻre exactly what I wanted for a shoe that I wear to work!

Sally Foster
Really helps with Plantar issues

This is a very well-made shoe and helps with my heel plain. It is also stylish and I received many compliments. For this style the size 37 fit my 7.5 size.

Bonita Blue

The leather was very stiff and uncomfortable to wear. Returned them.

Judith Woodward
Walking on a Cloud

As I always say, you cannot beat the Belle for comfort. This is also an attractive shoe. If I buy anymore Belle’s, I’ll have to get a job. Their worth it!