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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Zmikly
Love these!

This is my 4th pair of skillz, different patterns purchased. I wear these every day, I would say the life span is about 6 months with the way I wear them. They will stretch out after a few days, true to size.

Elaine B. Mack
Skillz are great!

I recently bought Skillz Black Shoe, took them out of the box and home to try them out and ended up keeping them on all day. They were so comfortable that I didn't want to take them off. I am a baker and on my feet for at least 6 hours each day in the kitchen. This was my first time buying as pair of slinged back shoes, and I was a little unsure if they would work for me since I usually buy fully enclosed styles like Duette. Skillz allows the extra room that I need as the day goes on and my feet expand a bit. I've just ordered another pair. I now have 8 pairs of Alegria Shoes and will be ordering more!


These are great shoes !
I love them ! They are truly non slip .
I am going to get another pair .

Myrna Adams
Etched skies

Very comfortable shoes for all seasons

Frankie Brockway
Skills Etched Smoke Shoes and Paloma mary janes

I must have close to 10 pairs of Algeria shoes. And every pair has been worn all day right out of the box. No need to break them in either. They support my too often painful back and I love the style of each pair. My first pair was given as a gift in 2012 and I’ve worn them ever since. Finding a product that fills what the manufacturer says is too rare today but you can depend on Algeria shoes being the quality they advertise. Trust me from a customer who has sandals, clogs, mary janes and almost everything in between. Thank you Algeria for selling the quality products you promote.

Jody Ansley
Nursing shoes

Shoes are comfortable and true to size. Love them!

Support Ok

I have been wearing Algeria Classics for over 10 years now and decided to try these because I’ve been kicking my shoes off accidentally at work (nurse). These shoes fit just fine, but they don’t have the support like the Classics. The foot bed bends and I’m all ready feeling the bottom of my feet aching a couple hours into my shifts. I just ordered a pair of Debra shoes now because I really miss the better support that the hard foot beds offer and Debras have the same foot bed as the Classics.