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Great support

Beautiful colors. The stylish comfort of this shoe allowed me to walk for hours around my stats fair a few months ago.

Carolyn Stice

Love the shoe. Fits great with the laces. Have 2 pairs in different colors

Esther Stach
Wonderful sandals!

My first pair of Alegria sandals and I love them so much! I get so many compliments on the style and pattern, they are very comfortable and the size is perfect! I have my eye on my next pair but hoping for a coupon or sale this time! I’ve been recommending this brand to everyone! There are so many sandals & shoes to choose from! Love this brand!! ❤️❤️

Vicki Tomlinson
Valerie praise Sandal

They are cute and comfy lots of compliments

Roslyn Fretwell
Finally great sandals!

For years I have been searching the internet for sandals. No company seemed to be able to make sandals correctly. That is until Alegria made the Valerie. Finding size 5.5 wide in a sandal with a closed back was impossible until now. As a dancer I realize the importance or a closed back on a shoe. A closed back also allows people to put their orthotics in as well. I was fortunate to get the Valerie in 4 colors in my size (5.5 wide) before they were sold out. The Passionate is one of the ones I ordered. Hopefully Alegria will continue to make great shoes like this. The vast majority of shoe manufacturers do not understand that wide widths are needed in sizes smaller than 7. This has nothing to do with a person’s weight. ( I am slim.) It is a person’s foot bone structure that determines the width needed. On the Valerie the front of the shoe is cut straight across. Thus there is no narrow opening like many sandals. Narrow openings lead to bunions and other foot problems.
Hopefully Alegria will continue to make great shoes like these.
They can expand on this idea and add a shoe with a wedge as well for dressier occasions with a dress. I am thinking about 1.25 or 1:5 inches, no more than two inches. Keep the shoes healthy.

Roslyn Fretwell
Finally some fantastic sandals!

For years I have been searching the internet for sandals. Finally Alegria has made the sandals I have been searching for. These sandals have a closed back. This is very important. So many shoe companies make thousands of sandals with that silly strap around the ankle. As a dancer and as an orthotic wearer, I understand the importance of a closed back on a sandal. Also the toe box opening of the Valerie is cut straight across. Thus there is no foot damaging pointy opening in the front of the shoe. Kudos to Alegria for making a sandal that is great!

Prairie Jane sandals pale green /cream

Haven't worn them yet, nice color for summer, living in California I will get many months of wear, very cute