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Cindy Irvin

I love your shoes!
This is 5th pair.
Joleen is my favorite !

Awesome Comfortable Shoes

This shoe is one of the best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. They are supremely comfortable and have great support. As someone with flat feet, who has a job as a nurse and has to be on their feet all day, these shoes work fabulously.

David Barone

Very comfortable from the start

Dana Zia
Thses shoes are soooo comfy and beautiful!

What a nice combo! I wore them right out of the box to work and was not disappointed. They felt like old friends right away. I love that feeling, don't you?

Squeaky shoes

I discovered the Alegria Joleen shoes a few years ago and love them. I have gone through two pairs of the Houndstooth which sadly appears to be discontinued. I switched to the plain black professional and with both pairs within a couple of months of wearing the shoes, they developed a terrible squeak when I walk in them which has become so annoying that I can no longer wear them. I am now hesitant to buy any more of these shoes even though they are one of the only pairs of shoes that I have found comfortable enough to wear all day.

Hi Jeannette,

We’re terribly sorry to hear you've been experiencing a squeak in your Alegria Joleen shoes.

The great news is the Joleen comes with our signature classic footbeds that are removable and replaceable. If you've had your Joleen shoes for a year or longer we do suggest refreshing your step with a new footbed. The materials used in our footbeds are created to form to your foot giving you the personalize support you need. Over time these materials will become compressed and possibly cause a squeak. This is a good indication it is time to replace your footbeds.

We hope this information has been helpful.

Foot relief!

I purchased the Joleens as my first pair of Alegria shoes from a local shoestore, and I have wanted to wear anything else! After years of intermittent plantar faciitis pain, the slight height in the heel is just perfect and now I rarely have foot pain. I also have a small hint of a bunion on that foot and it doesn't get sore like it did since I've started wearing my Joleens. Love the pretty embossed leather! Ashamed, I have not kept up with polishing and so I must give them a rejuvenating treatment once my Alegria sandals arrive. Before you know it, Alegria is all I will be wearing other than my hikers!

Yes it’s Karen
Usually my favorite shoe

I have bought this style of Algeria for work for years. When I unboxed this pair the bottom of the sole was sticky. Now after just worn twice it has got tiny and not so tiny rocks embedded into the sole and I did pull them out but it left big holes. My guess is some sealant step or process was missed as this must be a defect. Bummer because I bought them last call and can’t return. Now I’ll be more skeptical of any purchase.

Hi Karen. We are so terribly sorry to see the condition you received your new shoes in! No need to worry all Alegria shoes come with a manufacture's warranty, including Last Call or discounted items. Fortunately this looks like an isolated defect in the rubber of the slip-resistant pads of the shoe. Someone from our customer service team will be reaching out to you with further instructions how to send the shoes back to us.