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Tammy Goodrich

Debra Black Nappa Shoe

Michele B.
Love them

I love these shoes. I am not sorry I purchased them for one minute, but I am beginning to realize that my feet would really like a 38-1/2...except there is no such shoe. The 38s are okay if I don't wear the shoes for more than three or four hours. The 39s are too big. I wish the 38s had just about 3/8 inch more length, but as my feet get tired and the day wears on, I keep wishing I had just a tiny bit more root in my shoes.

Esther Vargas
Teacher Comfort Shoes!

Some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever purchased! They look to be for nurses, at least that’s what the sales person said. I love the flowers of Fall color that I can wear with any color sweater!
I know they’ll last for ever! Looking for a pair of boots for the same comfort!

Michele B.
Love them!

I love these shoes! The sugar skulls are wonderful! If I have one complaint, however, it's that a 38 in Allegria comes just to the end of my foot and doesn't leave any space for anything much else. Thick sox won't work well with these shoes, either. But a 39 is too big. I wish 38s had just a little more space.

Alison Alison
Great shoes.

Your shoes help me tremendously with my knee and back issues, as well as having a high arch.

Hisae Hernandez

Debra Ofrenda Shoe

Helen Maffeo
Debra Ofrenda Shoe

I am so glad that I bought these shoes! When I wear them, they make me happy!